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Can you guess why DareNFT issued up to 100 billion tokens? Compared to the countless amount of derivative works we have on the Internet, perhaps 100 billion is just a small number. Before diving into DNFT usages, let’s briefly go over the value of crypto assets such as coins and tokens. Tokens and coins are often traded on CEX or DEX. The price depends on the buying and selling force. If many people (or a small group of people holding a large amount of the tokens) want to sell, the token price will go down, whereas if there are many…

“Business is all about solving people’s problems at a profit” — Paul Marsden

DareNFT has been found to prove that saying. DareNFT — a leading project, revolutionizes with NFT2.0, rental and subscription model for the growth of NFT.

Current or mainstream NFT only serves a negligible proportion of population since it is only favoured as collectible assets and supports outright purchase.

Dare NFT with a novel protocol aspires to bring NFT to a new level, more practical and applicable to the public. DareNFT would be a leapfrog from the mainstream of NFT. To serve use cases in the real world…

Most people do not realize how much derivative content affects our daily lives. To help paint a better picture let me ask you a question, can you guess which song has the most views on Youtube? It’s the “Baby Shark Dance” with 8.6 billion views. Here are the current top 10 remix videos:

Baby Shark Dance’s Top 10 remixes on Youtube

These top 10 remix videos alone have a total of over 8.56 billion views, not to mention thousands of other remixes. This means that many people are consuming the derivative version of this song more than the original. …


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