Dare Network — The complete ecosystem for DNFT

“Business is all about solving people’s problems at a profit” — Paul Marsden

DareNFT has been found to prove that saying. DareNFT — a leading project, revolutionizes with NFT2.0, rental and subscription model for the growth of NFT.

Current or mainstream NFT only serves a negligible proportion of population since it is only favoured as collectible assets and supports outright purchase.

Dare NFT with a novel protocol aspires to bring NFT to a new level, more practical and applicable to the public. DareNFT would be a leapfrog from the mainstream of NFT. To serve use cases in the real world, and to empower NFT, DareNFT would create an application to allow authors and users to interact with each other and have a chance to cooperate with users from other platforms.

The network design

DareNFT serves as an online marketplace and a social network for creators, authors, artists as well as their fans. DareNFT has virtual showrooms where all creative contents are being displayed. Users may find certain types of content which they would like to use as a material for their creative works. In this case, they can request either a rental or subscription model to use these contents.

DaReed: a potent editing tool for authors to edit and check the validity of their work against the original work before posting to DareNFT.

CCPs (Content Consuming Platforms): where the contents are consumed by the end users. There are many platforms called CCPs, for example: Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, Canvas,…

The Dare Network’s design

1. DareNFT

DareNFT allows users to tokenize their digital contents into crypto assets at a low gas fee. A protocol supporting all types of contents, ranging from music, video, short films, artwork and other creative works from entertainment industry, books, articles,etc from publication field to all types of materials for learning such as slides, quizzes. DareNFT also provides useful features to facilitate the interaction among users.

Searching and displaying contents:

  • Separating store for each author.
  • Full text search with a filter to find the results you want.

Content Trading

  • Renting, selling or buying contents through smart contracts.
  • Auctioning ownership of the content with NFT.

Financial management:

  • Reporting & analyzing revenue.
  • Providing expense reports, account balances

Copyright management:

  • Licensing derivative rights
  • Checking copyright of reported contents

2. DaReed

NFT or blockchain technology itself does not solve problems relating to plagiarism. Dareed — an AI-based program coded by the DareNFT team, can specifically solve this problem, eradicating plagiarism, creating a more equitable environment for creators in all fields.

  • Step 1: Checking the authenticity of a certain content with AI-based program (KYC)
  • Step 2: Double checking by sending out confirmation request to the author’s or creator’s networks

Only after being successfully verified through the above mentioned processes, a content would be displayed on the DareNFT platform.

3. CCPs (Content Consuming Platforms)

There are many CCPs currently providing content to “end users” such as : Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, etc. These CCPs initially need content and then use these contents to serve their potential customers. Without all criteria such as competitive prices, users’ experience, more and more interesting contents will be created as well as more and more users stay and experience these platforms.

DareNFT could function as a storage with a large number of ready-made contents, verified and available to be used in any platform mentioned above. DareNFT would be a perfect match, feeding the demand from CCPs; creators have more opportunities to collaborate and expand their networks for profit.